EN 358 – Belt for Work Positioning, Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards
EN 361 – Full Body Harnesses
EN 813 – Sit Harnesses
EN 362 – Hooks 8: Connectors
EN 354 – Lanyards
EN 355 – Energy Absorbers
EN 795 – Anchorage Devices
EN 353-2 – Guided type Fall Arrester including a Flexible Anchorage Line
EN 353-1 – Guided type Fall Arrester including a Rigid Anchorage Line
EN 360 – Retractable type Fall Arresters
EN 1496 – Rescue Lifting Devices
EN 341 – Descender Devices for Rescue
EN 1497 – Rescue Harnesses
EN 397 – Safety Helmet [Sheltek]
EN 166 – Welding Shield & Spectacles
EN 175F – Helmet Attachable Welding Shield
EN 352-2 – Ear Plugs
EN 352-1 – Ear Muffs
EN 20345 – Safety Shoes
IS 2925 – Safety Helmet [Shelmet]
IS 3521 – Full Body Harnesses [E-con Series]
IS 15298 – Safety Shoes

Systems Certification (ISO:9001:2008)

Under this certification all processes and systems are stringently monitored to deliver quality product at each stage of manufacturing and service.

Product Certification [CE]

Nearly 100 products manufactured by KARAM are CE certified.
Our Certificates have been issued by Certifying Body SATRA-UK, in accordance with Article 10 of the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC. The Notified Body Number of SATRAis0321.

Our ongoing assessment body is SGS-UK which issues us our 11 B certificate as per directive 89/686/EEC. The notified body number of SGS is 0120.

All our products are marked ‘0120’.

As per 11 B certificate all products marked CE 0120 must have a valid E.C. type examination certificate issued under Article 10.


  • “Karam Trainers involved throughout the past 4 days of training have proven that they all are very knowledgeable & committed to training & safety. The course content, documentation & practical exercises are very clear and easily understandable. They make the session very interactive…..I can recommend KTC as an excellent choice”

    Peter B Fisher, Max Safe, New Zealand

  • “The training provided by Karam was very professional, interesting, well structured, informative & educational. Karam is committed towards safety with their world class knowledge, understanding of International requirements & standard practices on all subjects…. I would like to thank the whole Karam team involved in this great experience and I would recommend their services to all my colleagues in safety business and customers.’

    Mason Fisher, Max Safe, New Zealand

  • “We learnt a lot from the Karam team. They all are amazing. Karam has bright future in ‘Work at Height’….Thank you for the Karam Adventure!”

    Gert Foster & Barry Lottering, Gravity Training, South Africa

  • “I would like to say thanks to you for your spectacular services! Two days of Work at Height schedule has been completed, it was really very wonderful time for us.”

    Narender Singh Rao, Cosmo Infrasolutions, Jaipur

  • “Advanced Training on Height & Rescue Training was very good. The facilitator was superb. He made the training very interactive. It was overall a great experience.

    Surabhi Biswas, Vodafone Spacetel Limited


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