Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Periodic audits, gap-analysis and equipment inspections go a long way in ensuring safer work-places and preventing accidents. Besides reducing work related deaths and injuries, it improves overall safety compliance and workforce morale.

An overview of our HSE Consulting Services :-

1. Fall Protection Plan Development- A written-down Fall Protection Plan specific to industry, site and operations goes a long way in ensuring that Fall Protection measures are implemented effectively thus reducing fall accidents & injuries.

2. Construction Safety Audit- Site is surveyed and audited against applicable construction safety guidelines. Control measures are recommended to meet or exceed existing safety standards.

3. WAH Safety Audit- Risk assessment is carried out covering all Work at Height activities along with necessary documentation. The detailed report includes advice on how possible risks can be eliminated or mitigated.

4. WAH Gap Analysis- Helps monitor the gap between where an establishment is and where it wants to be in relation to unsafe and safe working practices. By analysing these gaps, management can create specific action plans to close the gaps identified in the report.

5. Inspection and Revalidation- Fall Protection Equipment are lifesaving products. As per EN 365 of PPE Directives, it is mandatory to have a “Competent Authority” to inspect the Fall Protect Equipment at least once annually.

KARAM conducts 3rd party inspections including
1. PPE Inspection & Revalidation
2. Anchorage Inspection and Revalidation
3. Fixed Line System Inspection and Revalidation


  • “Karam Trainers involved throughout the past 4 days of training have proven that they all are very knowledgeable & committed to training & safety. The course content, documentation & practical exercises are very clear and easily understandable. They make the session very interactive…..I can recommend KTC as an excellent choice”

    Peter B Fisher, Max Safe, New Zealand

  • “The training provided by Karam was very professional, interesting, well structured, informative & educational. Karam is committed towards safety with their world class knowledge, understanding of International requirements & standard practices on all subjects…. I would like to thank the whole Karam team involved in this great experience and I would recommend their services to all my colleagues in safety business and customers.’

    Mason Fisher, Max Safe, New Zealand

  • “We learnt a lot from the Karam team. They all are amazing. Karam has bright future in ‘Work at Height’….Thank you for the Karam Adventure!”

    Gert Foster & Barry Lottering, Gravity Training, South Africa

  • “I would like to say thanks to you for your spectacular services! Two days of Work at Height schedule has been completed, it was really very wonderful time for us.”

    Narender Singh Rao, Cosmo Infrasolutions, Jaipur

  • “Advanced Training on Height & Rescue Training was very good. The facilitator was superb. He made the training very interactive. It was overall a great experience.

    Surabhi Biswas, Vodafone Spacetel Limited


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