Electrical Safety

 Electrical Safety

Industry  General

Participant Profile – Managers/Supervisors

Target Participants

This course is designed to impart skills & knowledge for workers of all levels including electricians, technicians, managers and supervisors who are required to work on or near electricity as part of their job role.

Mandatory Requirement

Self Declaration of Medical Fitness


1 Day Program (including Assessment)

No of Participants

Upto 25 per batch

Training Methodology
  • Classroom
  • Group & Individual exercises
  • Suitable training hand‐outs shall be distributed to the participants
Learning Objectives
  • Understand basics of electricity (voltage, current, resistance, electrical circuit, components of electrical circuit).
  • Identify common and specific hazards of electricity in use
  • Inculcate safe observation and safe behaviour when handling electricity
  • Understand the concept of managing electrical hazards
  • Develop safe procedure to handle electricity
  • Able to assess knowledge of employees on “Electrical Safety”

Written Assessment


Participants will receive certificate for “Awareness Training.”