Consultancy services

  Consultancy Services

Periodic audits, gap-analysis and equipment inspection go a long way in ensuring safer work-places and preventing accidents. Besides reducing work related death and injuries, it improves overall safety compliance and workforce moral.

Overview of HSE Consulting services


Fall protection plan development

A written-down Fall Protection Plan specific to industry, site and operations goes a long way in ensuring that Fall Protection measures are implemented effectively thus reducing fall accidents and injuries.

WAH Safety Audit

Risk assessment is carried out covering all work at Height activities along with necessary documentation. The detailed report includes advice on how possible risks can be eliminated or mitigated.

WAH Gap Analysis

Helps to monitor the gap between where is an establishment is and where it wants to be in relation to unsafe and safe working practices. By analyzing these gaps, management can create specific actions plans to close the gaps identified in the report.

Inspection and Revalidation

Fall protection equipment are lifesaving products. As per EN 365 of PPE Directives, it is mandatory to have a “Competent Authority” to inspect the Fall Protect Equipment at least once annually.
Karam conducts 3rd Party inspection such as PPE Inspection and Revalidation.